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Friday, February 23, 2007

Well Hilary you were right...I have been soooo sore since legs the other day! I am still struggling to walk properly now ;) gotta love it though. Atleast I know I trained hard!!!!
Actually this week I have really pushed myself (more then usual) and my whole body is hurting!! Yay!lol.
Did an awesome back session yesterday and then shoulders this morning!my arms have really come along in the past week, they are looking pretty lean and muscular!

Blooger is really giving me the sh*ts!!! I cannot post comments at the moment,which is very annoying cause I like giving people positive feedback! I havent really had much time either this week to muck around with blogger, so next week ill look into it a bit more.

Work has been busy, I am organising two massive conferences. One in Noosa at the twin waters and one in North Sydney...really enjoying my job as I LOVE to organise things. I actually have a talent for it :)

This weekend Pete and I will start to pack up his house as the settlement date is getting closer, then I think we'll get some DVDs and have a night in tonight and tomorrow night infront of the TV! sometime nice just to be able to sit around and relax on the weekends.

Saturday ill get up early and head out for about an hour for some running/power walking hill workout :) Cant wait!! Its great when you get your heart rate cranking when doing hills.

I have also been onto my brother about getting serious about his health! he is seriously obese and its really starting to worry me. I actually talked to him the other day and though id gotten him to go into a 12 week challenge. I sent him all the details and where to sign up, send photos etc..
then he tells me he is going to do is own challenge...but after his holidays in about a months time...I can see where this is going :-/ I really do hope though that he changes his ways before something serious health wise happens to him!
I was also trying to explain that the thing about leading a fit and healthy life is that it is forever!! not just to loose a couple of kg and then go back to his old ways. He has done that before, he lost 40kg and then thought he was ok so he started eating cr*p food again. You know what happened the weight (fat) came back and some!!! but all I can do is keep talking to him and be there for him.

Weeelllll.....I think Im all blogged out now, So have a Wonderful weekend everyone!

Love life and yourself - Jane xo

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hello :)
well this morning I did an awesome legs session!!
squats 6x8 - 55kg smithmachine
leg press 6x8 - 120kg with sumo squats 6x10 - 32.5kg db
deadlifts 6x8 - 50kg
walking lunges 4x20 - 5kg db's with step outs 20reps in total - body weight
seated calves 4x10 - 30kg with standing calves 4x30 - bodyweight
single leg calves - 4x12 each leg - 10kg db
I had no more then 30secs rest. It was such a great session and I totally sweated it out!! Coming out of the gym and down the stairs my legs started shaking so bad it made it hard to walk. Must have been a pretty funny site.
Also got a good power walk/run hill session in on Saturday, went for about 40mins and it felt good, really got the heart rate up!

well have a funtastic Wednesday!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I didnt realise how working different times effected my training the past few days, I was feeling pretty annoyed about it last night when I finally got home. Lucky I dont work late hours usually it was a one off! but still it reconfirmed my passion for being fit and healthy :) id much rather do a smaher session at the gym anyday over sitting at my desk at work!

anyways when I got home last night Pete had gotten me some gorgeous roses!he is such a sweetheart!! I cooked up a yummy dinner and we had a couple of glasses of a nice red wine.

So back into the gym this morning for shoulders and some intervals on the treadmill. Man it felt good to stretch out my legs when I was running!!
shoulder press 1x10 - 7.5kg dbs warm up
" " 1x10 - 10kg dbs
" " 3x8 - 12.5kg dbs
" " 1x10 - 10 kg dbs
shrugs 4x10 - 70kg
uprights 4x10 - 32.5kg on cables
lateral raise and rears 4x8 - 5kg dbs
fronts (double arm) 4x10 - 10kg
felt good and Ive built up some good strength! Next week ill get into the 7.5kg dbs for some sets of the lateral raisers and rear delts.
my body is nicely sore and Im really happy with this weeks training at the gym.

its such a beautiful day weather wise in the ACT today, wish I was out there now relaxing in the sun! :)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey everyone, Happy Valentine's Day!! :)
I got to work today and someone had gone around and put heart shaped chocolates on everyones desk, what a lovely thought! still havent worked out who it was though...

Man my legs have some serious DOMS from yesterdays session! and chest and tri's are sore from Monday!! nothing better then an aching body...right..?
today was back and biceps! started with 7 sets of chins to fail (counter weight of 25kg),
then wide grip lat pulldown 3x8 - 30kg
narrow grip lat pulldown 3x8 - 30kg
then biceps incline bench 4x10 - 7.5lg dbs
bar curl 4x10 - 17.5kg bar
cables 4x10 - 25kg
yay now my back and biceps match the rest of the soreness Lol!
I have to work back tonight :-/ we are having a teleconference at 6pm to some Dr's in france! Im hoping it wont go for to long as I want to get some interval runs in, walk my dog and also cook Pete a lovely valentines dinner tonight :) Im one busy gal at the moment.

cant believe we are already half way through the week!!! its going fast..but thats ok it just means we'll be at the weekend sooner ;)

have a terrific day!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I hope everyone had a wonderful fun and relaxing weekend :)
Well big news!!! We sold the house!Yippeee. Only advertised it on Thursday last week and we got an offer on Sunday at our open house...for full price! The buyer has already given us the deposit and our solicitors are incontact!

The Festival on the weekend was great! I got to try some polish and german beers!!also tried some yummy foods from different countries! We found a spot under a tree for most of the day and relaxed and listened to the different music and watched some dancing. Was so nice to catch up with friends and just relax a bit with nutrition.
I had the day off work yesterday as we had to go see the solicitor, which meant I got to train with Pete :) chest and triceps for me and chest and biceps for pete.
I smashed out 3 sets of 8 reps with the 15kg dbs...got really deep with the movement and went really slow...my chest is so sore today!
I also did incline flys and then 4 sets of 'proper' pushups to finish off my chest.

Then did 20mins hard on the treadmill, 2mins on (level 12) 1 min off (level 7)..was totally stuffed but felt great at the end!

This morning was legs! I have decided to take the weight down a little and go deeper with my range of motion...its making a huge difference and Im getting some serious DOMS! Yeah baby I love it :-D
I also did some abs yesterday and they are pretty sore this morning also!

The ACT's hot weather has backed off alittle at the moment, which is a nice change. Its really gotten cool at nights also.

Well have a fun Tuesday!! Jane xo

Friday, February 09, 2007

Yay its Friday!!!

Hey hey its Friday!!! great isnt it that the weekend is sooo close :) I LOVE the weekends!
So its open house for Pete and I this Sat and Sun, but even cooler is a couple have made an appointment with us this afternoon to look as they are very interested and wanted to get in before anyone else :) Real estate agents have also been calling and trying to get us to sell through them HAHA! As if, we dont need to pay them fees for something we can do!
Also Sat we'll head to the Festival, will be fun out in the sun!

I did an interval session the other day that consisted of sprints up a hill, then for a twist for the last 6 reps I ran up backwards...now if you want to target your butt then do this ;) my butt is soooo sore! Love it though.

just cardio today which will be done this afternoon, some long hill jogging intervals today, cant wait. Im pumped and have heaps of energy!
Also smashed my goal of going to bed early...was in bed and alseep by 9.45pm all this week! and I feel so much better for it. This is an ongoing goal for sure.

My doggy's toe is healing nicely and we took him out yesterday for a huge walk, he loved it after not being out for a few days!

Nutrtion is awesome,cut back my cals and Im feeling great :)

Life in general is wonderful...well why shouldnt it be! Ohhh also a lady at my work left the other day and she had a great desk with a window seat.....guess who's in that seat now ;) Its great as I have a great view and its nice to sit near the nature light, makes me feel happier seeing the sky all day!

one thing that has really helped me is having a plan for all aspects of my life, it has made such a difference working towards goals and having an idea of where I want to go and be!

Well have a wonderful weekend, be happy, keep smiling!
Jane xo

Thursday, February 08, 2007

OMG all of my body is hurting..Ive done some serously smashing sessions this week and now my muscles are giving me payback Lol!
back and biceps yesterday with 25mins intervals on the treadmill. been doing lots of chin ups in my sessions (using the machine) with a counter weight this week of 27.5kg. Did 6 sets to fail. then I did 6 sets of wide and narrow grip lat pulldowns..man my lats are sore today!

this morning I did shoulders, abs and intervals (2mins on 1min off) on the treadmill. Usually do my cardio separate to weights but I am busy this afternoon and wasnt sure of id fit in my cardio session, atleast now its done and if I get a second one in then thats a bonus!
pumped out some good sets with the 12.5kg dbs for shoulder press this morning. Also did upright rows on the cables (32.5kg) and then did 4 sets 10 reps for shrugs and loaded the bar to 70kg (bar included), a PB for me!! YAY!! I can already feel that I am going to be sore :-D

so petes house went on the market yesterday and we have already had a few calls..I can see that its going to sell fast! here it is http://allhomes.com.au/c/ah?a=sp&p=279282 so there is a house for sale if anyone is interested LOl!! nothing better than some free advertising on my blog ;)

what else...I lowered my cals from this morning a bit more and will keep it here for the next week and see how my body responds.

not much else to say really...soooo have a fabulous Thursday! Yay almost the weekend :-D

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

bad habit!

We all have bad habits and mine lately is going to bed to late! I usually try and get to bed by 9.30/9.45pm but the last few nights Ive been going to bed at like 10.30/10.45pm!!! Now Im feeling tired and really exhausted!

So besides all my other goals, my new challenge is to get to bed by 9.30pm every night this week! No excuses!! It doesnt matter if I dont fall asleep straight away, whats important is that Im resting my body and mind.
did legs this morning,its always a really good session!lots of deep squats,sumo squats, walking lunges and variety of calve raisers! Also did some floor work with glute lifts...giving that butt a good squeeze and burn!!!

Unfortunately didnt get my afternoon cardio in yesterday as I had to take my doggy to the vet. He split on of his toe nails and had to have most of it cut off :( poor Bull. The vet put a lovely hot pink bandage on it that last about 5 mins when we got home. But there wasnt any bleeding so it didnt matter to much.
He'll be ok, his a tough doggy!!

My foodies have been great, really enjoying eating my nutritious foods!! Ive already got a plan of what foods ill take this weekend to the Festival so I dont get caught out...as I know the foods served there will be fatty deep fried rubbish!
Since Im also going to have a few beers I thought it was best to atleast eat clean since ill get some extra cals from the beer... Sunday ill be hitting some serious cardio me thinks!!!

hope you are all having a great week so far.
now Im just thinking of having a cat nap (not that thats going to happen here at work)...*hugs* Jane

Monday, February 05, 2007

well that was a quick weekend! most of Saturday was spent cleaning Petes place, it should be on the market in the next week or so. My arms got a good workout with all the scrubbing that I did...it was suppose to be a rest day LOL!
Saturday afternoon was nice as we meet some friends in Belconnen by the lake and had a bbq. I also took my dog and he loved being out and running about!
Sunday was relaxing....did the weekly food shopping, then the weekly food preparation.

Back into the gym this morning for a chest, tricep and ab workout, followed by 25mins treadmill cardio.
bench press
2x12 - 10kg dbs
1x10 - 12.5kg dbs
2x8 - 15kg dbs
1x10 - 12.5kg dbs
incline bench
4x10 - 10kg dbs
incline flys
4x10 - 5kg dbs
tricep cable overheads superset with tri cable pushdowns
4x10 - 25kg
kickbacks superset with dips
4x10 - 5kg db
3x15 - bench crunch
3x15 - crunch
3x16 - russian twist on bench - 10kg plate
felt good this morning, really strong and all movements very controlled!
This afternoon ill go to the hill near my place and do 20x 20m hill sprints :) although ill be going late tonight because its suppose to get to 38 degress here today!!! Eek! so ill have to wait till it cools down a little before I head out.
Today the ACT Multicultural Festival started in Civic, it goes for 2 weeks! http://www.multiculturalfestival.com.au/Its such a great time of the year here, I never miss the festival. We will go in this Sat for lunch and a few nice german or polish beers...ill have to work that into my daily calorie count LOL!! think it will be a 'free day' this Saturday!

Have a fab Monday :)

Friday, February 02, 2007


OMG!!!! and she finally posts a picture!!!! LOL well derrrr! :-D

Me! in Fiji - Sept 2006


Hey everyone :)

well yesterday afternoon I did another awesome interval session. Pete, Bull and I walked to a huge hill near my place, takes about 12mins to get there. Once there I walk all the way down the other side of the hill then turn around and power walk all the way back to the top! Its such a good hard hill and really works the legs.

By this time my ol' doggy has has enough and flops under a tree to rest. While he is resting I do 10x20m sprints up the side of the hill, with a jog/walk down to recover. Really gets the heart pumping and legs burning!
After that we walk up to a park bench and I do 10x step ups for each leg, then its another 12min walk home.

Im really happy with these sessions as they are fairly quick and really makes me work. Next week ill increase the sprints to 15 reps for a challenge and every fews weeks increase the reps again.

So what else...this weekend Pete and I are cleaning his place as it will be going on the market in the next week or so. There has been so much to organise with buying and selling houses!
Its all very exciting :) I cant believe its already Feb! before I know it ill be living in QLD :D

Today is my rest day :) I even got a sleep in this morning and it felt good not to have to get up so early. Tomorrow ill still have a sleep in but get up kinda early and go out for a 30/40min jog, ill do the same on Sunday. These cardio sessions I do on my own as my doggy is wayyy to old now to keep up and Pete doesnt like running, but I dont mind as its me time and I think its important to have this time to myself. Not really to think about anything but just to be out and not have to talk and just have quiet time....except for me huffing and puffing LOL!

Anyways I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, train hard, keep smiling and stay beautiful.

Jane xo

Thursday, February 01, 2007

WOW can you believe its already Thursday! this week has gone quickly, which can only mean the weekend is almost here :)

this morning I training shoulders
shoulder press
1x12 - 7.5kg dbs
1x10 - 10kg dbs
3x8 - 12.5kg dbs
1x10 - 10kg dbs
1x12 - 7.5kg dbs
4x10 - 65kg (bar weight included)
cable upright rows
4x10 - 35kg
lateral raise following with rear delts
3x10 - 5kg dbs
double arm front raise
3x10 - 5kg dbs
floor crunch,floor twist, ball side crunch, ball crunch 3x15 for each

been alittle tired this week but still hitting my afternoon interval sessions hard. Also got a skipping rope and been doing alot of skipping and in the rest period I do step ups on a park bench(x10 each leg)

happy with my results so far, will start making the weekend cheat meals less frequent soon so I can lean up some more.

Man my office has the air cond. full on today! lucky I have a jumper today as I was freezing in here yesterday!!!

loving life - Jane xo