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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

haha! This is what happens of you give my dog junk mail...he really likes to make sure he chews up every last piece ;)

He is so proud of himself in this pic!!

So we are up to the last Wednesday for the month..time is going quickly! 6 weeks till I finish work, 8 weeks till we move. Come on November!!

Training has been absolutely awesome, cardio has still been at 45mins and going as hard as I can! My body is just responding so well to running for this amount of time.

Weighs have also been good, Im not lifting quiet as heavy because I am tired after smashing the cardio. But my muscles are looking full so thats good and Im getting happier with my physique. Of course there are always parts that I want to work on and make tighter, better, more toned :) But its a good thing to see where you want to make changes as it keeps the drive at the gym and keeps me achieving my goals.

Im now finding that the closer I get to the move the less interested I am at work, I know this isnt the best attitude but I just cant help it. Im ready for a new beginning, work and life style! Over the office bull sh*t and bitching that goes on here. Ohhh well not to long...

Also went to the pet expo on the weekend, it was pretty good..not as many pets as I would have liked to see but we got a good idea of what sort of breed we are after, and thats a red cattle dog. They are very smart dogs and about the size we are after, just another exciting thing to come once we move. We also watched the fly ball at the expo, you could see and hear how excited the dogs get when they participate!!

well thats it for today, better go and do some work (yuck!) haha!!

Keep smiling, jane :-D

Friday, September 21, 2007

Yay another Friday rolls round!!! Gotta love that :)
7 weeks till work finishes and still counting!since I have a fair bit of flex saved up I have asked my boss if I can work from 8am to 3.30pm every Friday till I leave, that way I use up the leave without taking to many full days off, and she said yes! I am very happy that she agreed!!

Training this morning was awesome, I did 45mins cardio on the treadmill and bike and did it with as much intensity as I could.lots of 1min on/off sprints! Man I was totally stuffed at the end of it but excited that I pushed myself so hard. I also did some light shoulders at the end to finish off. I'll take my dog out this afternoon for an hours walk, poor little man missed out yesterday because it stated pouring rain just as I got home.

Eats are still spot on and Im noticing that Im alittle leaner again, even a few girls at work commented :-D

Tomorrow is the Pet expo(YAY), but first ill get up early and do an hour walk/jog, do the food shopping so I have nice healthy food in the cupboards for the weekend and also take my dog out for a walk.
Also will be looking forward to Saturday afternoon, its usually spend out on the patio with Pete, my roomie, her boyfriend and myself having some drinks chatting and listening to music. Its great just chilling out with friends.

I looked at my calendar last night and from now till we move we have something on every weekend!! We're certainly going to be busy!

Have a terrific weekend all and like Hilary keep a Positive Attitude! :-D

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wow can you believe that its already the 20 Sept! by my calculations that means I only have 7 weeks and 1 day left in my job and 9 weeks till I move :D I am one happy camper!!
I created a calendar at work and its stuck on my bay wall infront of me with the count down, I mark it off each morning I get into work. Even having a simple goal like this makes me feel like I am getting ahead!

So training has been fantastic, Ive been hitting the treadmill and bike at the gym and doing 40mins intensity cardio, followed by weights breaking up each muscle group on a different day.
Usually chest and biceps, legs, back and triceps, then shoulders. Feeling a little tired from pushing harder and a little longer with cardio but my body is responding well to it. My doggy is also very happy now its warmer the afternoon walks have been going for alot longer!!

Food has been great, Pete has really cooked up some tastie meals on the webber,Im enjoying turkey and steaks this week! Mmmm...

The builder emailed and our kitchen is now all in and the tilers are finishing up this week. The house is looking awesome! Started looking at some new furniture but wont buy anything till we move as there really is no point when we'd have to transport it anyways!

What else....this weekend the Pet expo is on in Canberra so a group of friends and I are heading there to see and pat all the animals. I love pets, always have had them always will. Pete and I are going to meet some breeders and decide what sort of dog we will get when we move..although I would like to try the RSPCA and pound first and save a dog! My dog Bull will be so excited to have a new friend. He is so cute when we walk him and he sees other dogs he starts shaking and his tails goes crazy!!! of course we always let him go up and say hello to the dog and owner passing by!

well thats it for now, all is focussed with training, moving and feeling calm and excited about the changes on my horizon!

have a great weekend everyone!
Jane xo

Friday, September 14, 2007

Yay Its Friday!!!!

Gotta love Fridays, I cam smell the weekend ;)

Did my last gym session for this week this morning, 40mins intensity cardio and shoulders. Really love working my shoulders and I am slowly getting that more rounded looked with them. Chatted to a guy from my gym this morning when I was cooling down on the bikes and he is competing this Sunday at the Hellenic club in ACT. He is looking very lean and ripped, even got a look at his thighs which are very impressive with the muscle definition!

Does anyone else find that when you talk to people that are fit they send off a vibe which pumps you up even more.. I always get this feeling from people like that and it pushes me within my training. I guess its feeding off others peoples energies!!

Its been noted by some of the other employees lately that I dont always talk much at work, some people ask me whats up but sometimes its just nice to be quite and get the job done, also there is a bit of bitching at my work and I hate getting caught in the kitchen with people complaining about others or their life or blahh blahh blahh... Im really not interested and feel that they leave me in a negitive state, so my solution is to avoid the people like this in my office. haha they probably think Im a snob but I dont care..I choose to be happy and not be around negitive people.

I have heard that if you want to develope into a certain kind of person or want what ever goals your after you should surround yourself with people that you want to be like and who you look up to and respect...I believe this is true :)

Food has been great this week and Im still loving that feeling of being healthy! its good for the body and mind!

So this weekend I havent got alot planned just chilling out, when I wake up tomorrow morning ill go for my longer jog and then later walk my dog around the lake. Sunday maybe head to the botanical gardens and have a coffee and some lunch too!!

Have a positive and powerful weekend everyone and believe in yourself!!

jane :-D

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hey all :) I hope everyone is having a great week so far!
I know I am, been smashing the gym sessions this week and getting out some good weight sessions. Also for this week Ive upped my treadmill sessions to 45mins and lowered the amount of weight Im using but doing higher reps, next week ill change back to 30mins tready and go heavier with the weights.
Thought I would try this kind of training of changing cardio times and reps and intensity of weights for a while and see how my body adapts, also good to do something a little different once in a while. Keeps me on my toes...literally haha!

I cant believe I will only be working in my job for another 8 weeks! Man its going fast :) 10weeks ill we are in the new house!!!Yipppeee.

well Im outta here, I get off work at 4pm so id better start packing up my stuff for the day.

have a fun afternoon all :)

Friday, September 07, 2007

Smashing it 9 to 5! nahhh not really just at the gym this morning ;)
Woke up to the alarm at 5.30am this morning feeling refreshed, I did go to bed at 8.30 last night so I would hope that was enough sleep!!alarm goes off and I go to stretch and OUCH my whole body is hurting...thats what you get when you train hard!!!YEAHHH!

Anyways off to the gym for a shoulder session followed by treadmill intervals for 35mins! Awesome session and very happy as its my last session in the gym for the week. Tomorrow morning is my long easy run...really enjoy this time to myself in the morning in the fresh air and then Sat afternoon and Sun are big more relaxing walks with the man and pooch! Usually go around the lake or places that are nice like that.

Been a little cooler here the past few days, I wish that nice spring weather would hurry up and come back!
Spoke to the builder today and our kitchen has been installed, doors hung and the painters are due next week!! Hopefully I will have some more pics soon to post. Hanging to get there soooo badly!!!!! just have to try and be patient ;-/

Eats have been great, I made a yummy stir fry last night using Angus beef. I got the beef from Woolworths and its really nice, also cut up very thin so it cooks fast! With it I added fresh chilli, cumin, mexican herb, a carrot, celery, mushrooms and a little tomato sauce. Such a quick and easy dish to make! and it tasted great :)
Have fun over the weekend all - janexo

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Yowzer I am one sore gal today! From a smashinh chest session at the start of the week, to biceps and triceps yesterday and then this morning a huge leg session :) My poor body has a nice case of DOMS!! Also been hitting some serious interval training sessions...but I love it!

Nutrition still spot on, I dont find the nutrition part hard though because I love feeling healthy and the way healthy eating makes my body look!

Lots of people have been sick with colds at work, I on the other hand have missed it :) As soon as I heard that people were getting sick I upped my L-glutamine and Vit C daily doses and Yay I stayed sick free!!!!
haha...speaking of healthy..or unhealthy, my boss just walked past saying that there is a morning tea on in 15mins and they wonder why they are all getting sick all the time, eating all that crap everyday! Its like they have had a morning tea on everyday this week! ohhh well if they like eating cake everyday then so be it, all I know is that I will not be having any :)

Id best be going, have to go and make myself a cuppa!

have a healthy day all :-D
jane xo

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Wow can you believe we are in Sept already!Yowzer the months are going fast! Not that I mind cause it just means ill be in Brisbane sooner :)
Had a smashing session at the gym this morning worked chest, followed by 30mins intervals. It was so cool when I did incline chest as I could see my chect muscles actually twitching!!Totally insane to see.
Cardio was great, I did my first 10mins of intervals using the incline and then the second hit of intervals doing sprints. Felt lean this morning and thats always a good feeling.

Had some oats this morning for my post workout breaky with chocie protein powder and some crushed walnuts and almonds, very tastie indeedie. Im looking forward to my tuna salad for lunch today!! yummo!

So the time has come to start applying for some work in Brisbane, Im hoping to have work before we go, at worst I can take 12months unpaid leave from my Gov job here and might just go through an agency and get a contract. Im thinking that will be easier to get up there and then I can check out whats about and what I might want to do. Not to worries about it at this time.

well have to go I have a heap of work to ge through today, so have an awesome day and remember "winners never quit and quitters never win" :)