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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bring on that fitness feeling :-)

Thats right people...Im feeling fit. Have been smashing my cardio and weights sessions all week :-D
been into some serious interval training on some monster hills near my house and pushing hard at the gym!

Did shoulders this morning and used the 12.5kg dbs as usual for shoulder press but I got 3x10 out instead of my usual 3x8! also did 3x12 for the 10kg dbs!!
I was looking at myself in the gym mirror and thinking that I was definitely looking leaner! Im a keen mean gym machine LOL...well I dont know about mean but Im very keen ;-)

My weight has actually gone up a little and at first I totally freaked out..weighing myself does crazy stuff to my head! but I also cant help weighing in! But then I thought I am looking leaner and if anything more muscular...so ill say that the extra weight is muscle, not fat! Im getting alot stronger thats for sure with all this heavy lifting Ive been doing.

I also did shrugs this morning and got up to 55kg (4x15) was pretty happy with that. There was the cutest guy next to me doing squats so in my rest breaks I got a good perve! Well what else am I going to do in my rest breaks! LOL

well have a fit and fabulous day all

*hugs and smiles to you*

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wonderful weekend!

I had such a wonerful relaxing weekend in Wollongong! Got to Shellharbour beach on Saturday and finally got into the water! Was soooo nice and refreshing,something about the ocean that cleanses the soul :)
Sat night went out for dinner! Sunday was back down the beach but just walked along the sand this time. Got home on Sunday afternoon and chilled out.
I had yesterday off work and did my chest and tri's session. Was such a great session, I can definitely feel my muscles getting stronger...I think next week Im going to have a go at the 17.5kg dbs for bench press! The 15kg dbs are heavy but I got 2 sets of 8 out and it wasnt to bad! sore today though!!

This morning I was up early and went for a 30min walk, then some breakfast and into the gym for legs!! Did a great session. Squated up to 65kg today which I was happy with!
At the end of my session I did 3x40 walking lunges carrying 5kg plates in each hand and it really gave my legs a good burn! Im sure tomorrow my butt will be feeling that :)

ACT weather is lovely but I already miss the beach! :-/

My bf and I also looked at some spas'! as we are going to get one when we buy our house next year, we just really wanted to get an idea of how much we needed to save...we are big on paying cash for everything! id rather save and own things straight away! So there are some really fancy spas' and the one we like has an awesome sound system inside the spa, speakers are water proof and they pop up out of the side of the spa!
Also we are looking at getting ozone put in, its gas bubbles that kill the bacteria so we wont have to use any nasty cemicals! moving to QLD just cant seem to come quick enough ;-) we'll get there though!!

have fun peoples!!! xo

Friday, November 24, 2006

Good Morning!!!!! and what a totally fab day today is :) I got up bright and early this morning (5.30am) and went out and did a great 40min session on some nice long steep hills!! The sun was just coming up and it was so nice and quiet...well except for me huffing and puffing!!

My energy levels are awesome and Im feeling healthy! I love that feeling :)

Im heading to Wollongong this weekend and am going to be hitting the beach!! LOVE the beach!!!! We are all working a half day so we can get down there nice and early, that will be Pete, Zel, my dog Bull and I. Zel should have fun in the back of the car with Bull..LOL! he always trys and lay all over her when they are in the back of the car...its pretty funny from where I am sitting ;)

So have a totally awesome weekend everyone!!! janexo

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Smashed my shoulders this morning at the gym!! YEAHHHHH :D

started with 2x15 - 10kg dbs warm up, then 3x8 - 12.5kg dbs, 2xdrop sets to fail using 7.5 kg dbs, 5kg dbs and 2.5kg dbs!
onto rears next with the cables 3x15 - 45kg
fronts 3x12 double arm - 5kg dbs with a hold at the top
last was laterals used the 5kg dbs with a hold at the top then drop set the last rep with 2.5kg dbs.
I think my shoulders have had enough punishment today ;)
this afternoon ill head out for an hours walk with Pete and my dog bull...really love the afternoons walks!

have fun all :)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hump day...already!

Geez this week is going so quickly! Im back into my cardio this week and feeling pretty much 100%
Did a great chest and triceps session on Monday, also had the day off work on Monday so I had a bit of a sleep in! I did a set on bench press with the 15kg db's and got 8 reps out!!! it was tough but really worked me hard!
Tuesday was legs day and I got up to 60kg with my squats, again a smashing session :)
For back today I did 5sets x 15reps chin ups, it was using the chin up machine but still worked my back very well, then I went onto biceps and did 4 x 15 bar curls using the 15kg bar and then 3x8 alternating curls using the 10kg db's...last set was a drop set of 10kg dbs, 7.5kg dbs, 5kg dbs and then 2.5kg dbs, my poor arms couldnt even lift in the end!!!

Ive been doing a solid hour walk in the afternoons, actually been going out later as its been pretty warm the past few days here in the ACT. But Im a summer girl and loving the heat!! bring it on!!!!

So tomorrow is shoulders and but first ill also get up early and do some interval type training at home, maybe some hill reps or something like that! cant wait, Im full of energy and pumped to train!!!!!

Friday, November 17, 2006

feeling better :)

Yay Im finally feeling better :) my ears are still alittle blocked but not as bad! Usually when I get a cold I go to the chemist for some medicine but this time I thought id let the cold run its course...only problem with this is that it has taken longer to clear up! ohh well was a good experiment.

did shoulders yesterday and lifted very strong, did lots of drop sets on them as well. Today = nice sore shoulders :)
other than that I have just been doing long walks with my dog for cardio..no jogging or intervals as I found it hard to breath with this cold.

shoulder press 2x15 - 10kg dbs
shoulder press 2x8 - 12.5kg dbs
lat raise single arm cables 2x12 - 10kg
rear delts with cables 2x15 - 50kg. last set drop set 45kg,35,25 to fail
lateral raise 2x12 - 7.5kg dbs. last set drop set 5kg,2.5 to fail
was really happy with my lifts and havent lost any strenght from being sick.

I cant believe its already Fri and lunch time....means the weekend is very close :D I got into work early so I can also leave early and have a longer weekend!

So next week ill be totally better and back ontrack with training!

I got paid yesterday and I am 100% on track with my savings towards our house! having something like this that I want so bad means I am sooo much better with my money. I even looked around the shops yesterday and saw some lovely shoes (i love shoes and have approx 100 pairs ;-0) but I didnt get them...all I could see was my new house! Love being this focussed!

anyways have a fun-tastic day and weekend all :)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

sick :(

Hi all, man I have had the worst cold for days now!! It started last week as a sore throat and by Friday afternoon it had really kicked in! Sat and Sun I spent most of my time on the lounge watching DVDs and then yesterday the cold had moved right into my head..nose and ears totally blocked! So I had the day off work and slept. Tried to take my dog out for a walk and also for me to stretch my legs but it was cold and raining most of the day!!
I also had a chest session planned for the gym but having blocked ears is also putting out my balance a bit so I thought it was safer not to train...ill just move that session towards the end of the week!!

Did manage to get to the gym this morning and trained legs..went higher reps and still pretty hard! I was so out of breath at times too!!!
The thing I hate about being sick (besides not being able to train) is that I really go off my food! Just cant seem to stomach much at all...lucky I have protein shakes though :) Ive pretty much been living off them!!

So other than that I havent been doing anything. Im hoping Im at the end of this cold now and should be right in a day or two. Might even leave work early again today and get home and rest up!!

take care everyone!! jane xo

Friday, November 10, 2006

Today is my day away from the gym, so I got up nice and early and took my dog (bull) out for a huge walk! Poor Bull was exhausted by the time I got home!! he is after all 11 years old so his getting on alittle these days.

I love having a pet, its always so nice to come home from work and there he is wagging his tail and barking out 'hello'. Always sooo happy to see me! Who could ask for a better friend to have Lol.
When I move next year and we buy our house we will get another dog so bull has a friend for when we are at work! Its so cute when I walk him and other people and their dogs come past and all he wants to do is play with the other dog! He bounces around like a crazy rabbit!!!!

its also a great motivational tool having a dog as they need a lot of walking..so there is never any excuses not to go out after work! I just think how would I like it to be stuck in the yard day in day out and never get to see the world, or in bulls case run in the park! although I am motivated anyways to exercise its just nice to have someone to walk with when Pete or Zel (my roomie) are busy.

So I think this weekend I will just relax around the house, Ive been away alot lately so it will be nice just to chill out all weekend. Although this afternoon I am driving to Wollongong to see my parents and some of my family for the night but I will leave first thing in the morning to come home.

Next week I have some good sessions at the gym planned so I cant wait to get back to the gym!!!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006


well awesome session at the gym today!

shoulders day!! went like this

shoulder press 3x10 - 10kg db's
shoulder press 3x8 - 12.5kg db's
lateral raise 3x12 - using cables and single arm - 12.5kg
rear delts 3x15 - using cables and double arm - 50kg
front delts 3x12 - 5kg db's double arm. last set drop set

pretty much feel like my arms my fall off at this stage! lol. Really happy with my progress on weight lifted.

been also doing nice long walks in the afternoons with my BF and doggy for 1 to 1 1/2 hours!! nice hilly areas as well to work those legs!!

hope everyone else is loving what they do...cause thats whats important here!!

jane xo

Monday, November 06, 2006


Well today I am in my normal happy mood but I am feeling bleh bleh bleh!
I have been doing pretty well lately cleaning up my nutrition, training hard and a big one is not drinking so much on the weekends!!
Went to Wollongong on the weekend and didnt have much at all...then Sunday night rolls round and my roomie , Bf and I decide to have some champers! What a stupid idea that is especially with gym and work the next day...so 1 and 2 glasses turned into a couple of bottles!! Eek!
Now today I am feeling so tired (lucky not hung-over) and feeling bloated and fat :( So I ask myself why I did this and there is no answer, it was just a spur of the moment thing. I just feel very annoyed at myself.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Yessss!!!! its Friday and that means the weekend is almost here! Yipppeeee :D ...can you tell I love the weekends, we should have a 3 day weekend I think ;)

This morning I trained shoulders and had a very good solid session.
Shoulder press 3x10 - 10kg dbs
lat raise 3x12 - 7.5kg dbs
front rainse 3x15 - 5kg dbs
rears 3x15 - 5kg dbs
I usually go heavier and lower reps but Im thinking for something different over the next week ill do higher reps to mix things up alittle. I also trained abs and did 20mins hard on the treadmill, sprints!

I was thinking this morning...how many times should we keep changing our training sessions (sets/reps) just until you dont get results or should we mix it up every 4 weeks? Its something I think ill have to have a look into alittle more.

So this weekend Im off to Wollongong with Pete and my dog Bull to see my brother. We are all staying at my parents place as they are away on holidays, so we'll water the gardens etc and I guess ill have to jump in their outdoor spa to make sure thats still working properly ;) cause you never know!! Lol
Then on Sat night we are all going to check out an Italian restaurant in Wollongong thats pretty new and is apprently pretty swish! I like going to fancy places and getting dresses up!
If the weather is nice on Saturday we might even try and head over to the beach for a swim! ill take my dog as he loves going crazy in the water!!! his one mad doggy!
then back home Sunday to get ready for work / gym etc for next week!
so a fun filled weekend for me!

hehehe a guy who sits in a desk infront of me at work today is wearing the most ugly shirt today ;) I cant stop looking at it...its baby poo brown with a flower pattern! LOL....just had to share with you all.

Well I hope everyone has a cool fun filled weekend as well, just relax, have fun and chill.....xoxo

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Well Im back from my holiday and Im nice and relaxed. Surfers Paradise was so much fun and I did heaps of lazing in the sun at the beach and by the hotel pool :) it was hard to leave such a lovely place, especially leaving the beach. Since I grew up on the coast I was always at the beach and now living in the ACT I really miss it! but it wont be long (11 months but who's counting) and ill be moving to QLD! Yay me :D

We also went and saw a show at Jupiters casino called 'Tempo Rouge' http://www.conrad.com.au/jupiters/whatson/default.htm a fantastic show full of energy and dancing. A real latin theme!!! definitely worth going to to see if anyone gets a chance :) We also got the dinner and a show package and ate in a really nice restaurant in Jupiters 'Charters Towers' http://www.conrad.com.au/jupiters/restaurants/charters_default.htm I highly recommend eating there as well!!

While in QLD I finally got to meet Deb and her family and they are all so lovely and we had a great time. Deb looked radiant and ready for the Nationals! it was very nice to finally meet you Deb :)

Now Im back home again and back to the gym and work (yuk!). Did a great legs session yesterday at the gym and today my legs are really sore..gotta love that soreness!! This morning was back and biceps also an awesome session!!

WOW Im sitting here at work and a huge storm just went over Canberra! hehe now people are coming back from lunch and look like drowned rats! That was some serious rain out there!!

Well have a fab day everyone and keep on smiling ;)