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Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday funday!

Hello and welcome to Monday!!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend :)
Well Zels party totally rocked! We had sooo much fun and everyone got dressed up! ill post some piccies probably when I get back from QLD as I forgot my camera today! The one thing I couldnt believe is the awesome warm weather we've been having...yeah until Sat that is!! It was very cold at the party but lucky we took some big coats with us! We also ended up just sending more time inside then outside.
And it just meant that I had to have lots of yummy drinks to warm me up ;) Lol! Zel also ran a total muck, she is such a cack after a few drinkies!!

So I only have work today (maybe come in for a half day tomorrow) and the Im off to QLD for 5 days!! Yipppeee! Im so looking forward to going for a swim at the beach and getting some sunbaking done! Not really anywhere to sunbake in Canberra well except my backyard! Oh and my friends have a cool pool and deck but its still rather cold at the moment!

Training this morning was great I did chest and 30mins solid on the treadmill. ill also get out this afternoon for a 1 hr walk :)

So other than that my weekend was fab and I did get a hangover WOO HOO! and now Im in holiday mode again for QLD.
Well its signout for me. Have fun everyone and ill chat again soon xoxoxo

Also Deb and Liz have an AWESOME time this Sat in Melb!!! I look forward to reading all about it...also cant wait to meet you on Wed Deb :D

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Hi everyone! I hope you are all fabulous and having fun with what ever you are up too!

Well today is my roomies bithday and she is 30!! I got up at 5.30am and woke her up this morning with a bit of a birthday tune ;) Lol Im sure she loved it!! So I also gave her a hairdrier for her birthday and she loved it! And then tonight ill make her a yummy dinner...think ill get home early and set the table and make it all swish!!! My bf Pete will come over to and celebrate!
I love birthdays...they are the one time of the year that the day is all yours!!! I have always been big of making a fuss about birthdays!

So I have been training really hard and Im onto week 2 of doing to cardio sessions a day, along with my weights 4 days a week. Im loving it too!!!! Can already see some great results and getting leaner! Yay for leaner!

Yesterday I trained back and biceps and had an awesome session! Seated row using 32.5kg gave me a great burn! Then after 30mins solid of cardio intervals, hills on the treadmill.... poor Zel was sooo exhausted by time we finished ;)
This morning I trained on my own and actually really enjoyed the time to myself (gotta have some jane time ever now and then)..
Shoulders and tri's is what I trained. Im getting so strong with shoulder press and did 4 sets of 8 using the 12.5kg dbs!!! Im thinking in the next week or so ill have a go of the 15kg dbs..will probably need a spot but thats ok! After shoulders and tri's I got back on the treadmill and did another hard session for 30mins. It was mostly doing 2mins on/off..when up to level 13 for 2 mins and then back to level 9! Felt great!

Nutrition is also great...just loving the healthy range of foods I am eating and my body is glowing for it :)

So tomorrow I have a day off, getting my hair cut and foils done (gotta look good when I meet Deb next week Lol) also ill run around and get food for Zels 30th on the weekend!
We have our outfits and its going to be a BLAST!!!

So I hope you all have a terrific weekend and remember you are all beautiful, special people..dont let anyone tell you differently :D

Lubs you all, Jane xo

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Well Goodly morning everyone!! I hope you are all well and happy :)

training this week has been awesome! Yesterday I did a great chest session and this morning I did legs! Im getting really deep in my squats now!! Loving the burn that a hard session gives me!
So also added to my current training at the moment is an extra 30mins intensity cardio session in the mornings, giving my body a some nice shock treatment!!!! Im already feeling the difference and noticing some good changes in my body! Just want to lower my bf% a little more.

So my nutrition is great :) I feeling totally alive and very happy with my life. Ive been doing alot of positive thinking and this is making me more focussed on the important things in my life...like being happy!

My friends father once said that only you are incontrol of your feelings and how you react to any situation. No-one can ever make you feel down, because you have the choice on how you want to feel. I have said this before and I believe its so true...I have even stopped seeing some of my 'so called' friends who use to put me down and I feel a better person for it. Im sure they have continued being mean people but I dont care because they are no longer part of my life :)

Im also loving the warm weather we have been having! I find that the weather does effect your moods, the sun and beautiful blue sky makes me happy :)

Sooo Im going to go and do some work now and Im going to be happy all day!!! and tomorrow and well you know... ;)

*sending you all positive energy and happiness*
Jane xoxo

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Happy days!

I am feeling very happy today :) The sun is shining in Canberra today and its going to be a lovely 30 degrees! Yipppeeee for the summer weather!

This morning at the gym I trained shoulders and triceps and then some abs...and this is how I went
shoulder press 3x8 - 12.5kg dbs!!! very challenging but felt awesome and strong!
lateral raise 3x10 - 7.5kg dbs, 10kg dbs, 10kg dbs, 10kg dbs
rear delts 3x12 - using the cables and kneeing with one knee on the ground. I did 55kg for all 3 sets!! Yeah!

Tricep overheads 3x10 - 10kg db
tricep pushdowns on cables 3x10 - 32.5kg
to finish tri dips with body weight - 3x20!
so now my arms feel as though they might just fall off Lol.

Im sitting at work at the moment and eating a chicken breast...mmmm sooo good! I love it :) Ive been buying my chicken from Lenards cause its only $9.99 a kg! much cheaper than the supermarket.

Nutrition has been spot on lately and Im feeling very healthy from eating so well. I have no cravings for anything 'junky' at all :)
My work is organing the xmas party for this year and they are taking orders for what we want to eat. It will be outdoors and they have a (yuckie) selection of foods! I have just told my boss that I will attend but will be bringing my own food, she is like come on just have some bad stuff for oneday! ...Im like ahhh no thank you!
I feel good in myself that I have made this descision to eat well even when Im out or invited to these kinda things.
I guess I do still find it annoying that people feel they need to question why I like to eat healthy...well derr why do you think ;)

Think I will go for a wonder around the shops in Civic now...see if I can find a hairdrier for Zels birthday pressie!

One more thing before I go.....I finally got to talk to Deb today! What a wonderful person to know :) I feel so lucky to know someone like you Deb and Im HANGING to meet you in a week or two!!!! HUGS FOR YOU SWEETNESS :-D

have a fun filled day everyone!
jane xo

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

some pics

Well I have added some more piccies to my link, its some from Fiji :)

today was back and biceps, was a great session and my muscles are already sore!! ...now they can go with my sore legs and chest from the past few days sessions! although you gotta love getting that sore feeling and knowing you have worked hard!

being at work today is boring! its so nice outside and I keep staring out the window and daydreaming..just cant seem to get into work at all.
I have been thinking about work a bit lately and have decided that when I move to QLD next year I am going to buy a business... So I have the next 12 months to think what I would like to do or buy! not sure if I want to own and work at my business or just put the funds forward and have a manager run it and I can work from home...second option sounds better to me! Our plan is to buy some more real estate and a couple of businesses and not have to work by time we are about 40 :D We are lucky that we are both very good with money and great at saving so our plans are definitely some we can reach!

hmmm what else....well I pretty much have my costume worked out for Zels 70s party! navey short shorts, retro red patterned boobtube, some gold hoop earrings and I got some platforms awhile ago off ebay, the heals are actually made from wood! and are also very high!!!
Now I just have to think of something to get her for her birthday...so far Im thinking a hairdrier as she keeps using mine ;-) maybe also some training gloves!

Im also going to bake a birthday cake for her...should be fun as Im not the best when its comes to baking...but ill cheat and use a packet one!

well thats its for today really... hope you all are having fun!
Jane xo

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

WOW I feel so good this morning. Went to bed early last night as I was so very tired and now today Im full of energy again, its amazing how a good sleep can make such a big difference!

Yesterday I trained chest and abs at the gym.. doing well with my db bench press 12.5kg for 3x8. Id like to increase the weight next week to the 15kg dbs but I think ill need a spot for that.

Todays session was legs!
squats 3x8 - 40kg - 50kg - 55kg - 55kg - 55kg
deadlifts 3x8 - 42.5kg for all 3 sets....still need to get myself some wrist straps!!!
step out lunges - 3x40 with 5kg plate in each hand
step up lunges - 3x40 same weight
walking lunges 3x40 same weight
finished off the session with some alternation standing and seated calves and some glute exercises on the swiss ball.
My chest is now slowly getting sore from yesterdays session and Im already feeling my legs! YEAHHH!

I must say that since I added in l-glutamine into my daily supplement program I have been feeling better for it. The brand I am using is called 'wildbull'. Its about $70 and last about 200days!! its also 100% l-glutamine.

I have been doing the rounds to some of the other girls blogs and I must say that the ones who have recently competed....WOW!!!! Everyone looked awesome! Good work champs!

Have a fab day everyone
Jane xo

Friday, October 06, 2006

Firstly I would like to say that I hope all the girls competing tomorrow have an awesome time!! As Im sure they will :) I cant wait to see pics and hear all about it :D

Todays session was GREAT!! Shoulders and triceps with some abs at the end.
shoulder press (3x8) 12.5kg dbs!! was sp happy that I didnt need any assistance today!must be getting stronger :)
lateral raise with cables (3x10) 15kg
rear deals with cables (3x12) 55kg - 57.5kg - 57.5kg
tricep overheads with cables (3x15)35kg - 32.5kg -32.5kg
tricep dips (3x15) bodyweight, nice and slowly!great burn!!
finished with tri kickbacks with a 5kg db this really finished off my tri's!

Yay so its almost the weekend! I cant wait to relax...especially after moving last weekend! Im also starting to plan Zels 30th birthday party!! Its in 2 weeks and will be so much fun, we are having a 70s theme!!

Well have a fab weekend everyone!
*hugs* Jane

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Legs 11

Great to get back in the gym this morning..I was meant to go yesterday for chest but was so tired from moving house on the weekend. I ended up doing a chest session at home, 16 sets of pushups! and then some abs. Wasnt to bad a session but I prefer to be in the gym.
So this morning was legs 11 :) Happy with the session.
First up squats (3x8) 55kg very deep and slow.
sumo squats (3x10) 47.5kg db
deadlifts (3x8) 50kg wanted to go heavier but I didnt have straps and find going heavier then 50kg I cant hold the bar.
Next I did lunges and instead of doing 3 sets of the same exercise I did 1 set 40 reps walking lunges, 1 set 40 reps step out lunges and 1 set 40 reps step up (onto platform) lunges, held a 5kg plate in each hand..man it got my heart rate up!!
I finished off with some calves and glute exercises.
This afternoon ill go for 1 hours walk with my dog and BF...hehehe I should say my BF and my dog!! ;)

Nutrition is great at the moment and I also just started on L-Glutamine this morning.

Its getting all very exciting for the girls that are competing this weekend...I so wished I lived in QLD so I could go and watch and cheer everyone on!

Well not much else to update today :) Have a terrific day everyone!!!
Jane xo