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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great day yesterday!

Todays pic is at Amaroo (yerrabi pond) near my place. Pete and I have been taking my dog there most weekends lately on a Saturday to relax. We've been taking alittle esky with our lunch and some chairs and just chilling out and watching the world go by. My dog loves it as we can have him off the lead so he gets a good stretch!

So training this week has been awesome. I beat my 5km run again!!! Last Tues I did it in 30.50mins, then I did it in 29mins last Thurs, then on Tues this week I smashed it again and did 5km in 26.40mins!!!!!! I was totally stuffed after but it felt good.

Although it also felt like I almost pulled something in my hammie :/ it was sore the next day but not enough to keep me away from the gym! So yesterday I did legs, went alittle lighter on the weights and then did 25mins on the treadmill jogging easy. I rubbed a heap of heat cream into the muscle last night and then this morning before spin class and its pretty much better :)

So I get a message from my Mum last night and she is now down to 80.5kg!!! GO MUM!what a champion effort she is making. I just keep telling her how proud I am of her. So thats about 4.5kg in 4 weeks. I think thats a good weight loose and nothing to crazy so she should keep it off...as long as she keeps eating healthy and exercising.

Well I have tomorrow off work as Im getting my hair done :) LOVE having my hair done its nice to be pampered! Then on Saturday its spin in the morning and then off the Fyshwick to look at a work bench for Pete (for the new house) and some nice new furniture too!!

Also wanted to wish Deb the best this weekend!!!!! Your already a super star honey and have proven that even more by coming first place last Sunday! Have an awesome day on stage again this Sunday! Im still hanging to see some piccies :-D Your a true CHAMPION!

See ya's! jane xo

Monday, April 23, 2007

Well I have a great weekend, first started with a spin class on Saturday then Sat night we went out for some India. Usually dont eat Indian but thought it was something different and it was fantastic!! enjoyed with some nice wine :)
Pete, Zel and I only went to dinner and it was a really fun night. Above is us at the restaurant.
Not to sound on myself but Im really happy with my shoulder development and I can really see it in this piccie!! See all that hard work at the gym is paying off :)
So it was also awesome news that Deb came first in her comp on the weekend!! Im soooo very happy for her :) Thanks Deb for keeping me up todate!
when I got to work this morning my Director called me to his office and I was given the fantastic news that they are putting me in another position at work and that means a higher level and a good payrise!! Yay thats more money that I can now save for the QLD move, just to make things run that much smoother!
nothing mush else to report on, back in the gym tomorrow for a smasher legs session!!!! bring it on :-D
have fun all!
jane xo

Friday, April 20, 2007

Well Im as proud as punch!! I called my Mum yesterday fir a chat and she told me that for the last 3 weeks she has been on a program to loose weight!! I have been at her for ages about her weight that she has put on over the past few years and she always just put it off. Now she has gone by herself and taken responsibility for it.
She went to the local chemist who she has known for years and he has put her on a really good and easy to follow program. Lowered her carb intake as she was a carb-a-holic and added more protein and fiber rich foods to her diet.
She said she hadnt eaten bread in over 3 weeks and felt amazing for it (yes Mum like I didnt know this LOL!) Mums pretty tall (unlike myself) and weighed in at 84.9 she is now 81.2kg!! Her goal is to get to 70kg which I think would be an ideal weight for her.
Im just soooo happy for her and more so that she has done it on her own :-D

Soooo this morning was up bright and early and headed to the gym for another awesome training session. Shoulders today and I love training them!! I did lots of super sets on them and really got a good burn!

It was then onto the treadmill and I wanted to beat my 5km run time of 30:50mins...and I did it :) This time I did 5min jog warmup, then onto 10mins of intense sprints of 30secs at level 16.5 with 1min rest break. After that I did a steady jog for 15mins from level 11 through to 12.
I feel so alive!!!! Soo I did my 5km in 29mins!!!! YEAH BABY!!

well id better be off and do some work, Yay can you believe its FRIDAY!!!! I will start tomorrow with a morning spin class and then some rest and recovery!!!....maybe even a few nice wines ;)

Have a wonderful day everyone and remember believe in yourself :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

brrr.....tis a chilli morning in the ACT this morning :-/ As always I parked at the War Memorial (cause its free parking) and walked into Civic, its only a 12mins or so walk but my finger tips surely felt the cold this morning!! Think it is almost time to get the winty gloves out!
Lucky its nice and warm in my office and a nice cuppa tea warmed me up :)

Sooo Ive been up at 5.30am all this week so I could get into some spin classes! Did spin on Wed, today and ill do another on Satiurday morning. Also been smashing some weights after the class! Im really enjoying this cardiovascular base that I am building up. On Monday at the gym I did chect and triceps followed by a 5km run on the treadmill, I did it in 30.50mins so my goal now is to beat that time and get under 30mins.. I have done it before and I know I can do it again :)

Tuna omlettes have been on for my lunch this week and yummmo am I enjoying them!! Little bit of pepper and a mushroom with it and its a great filling meal.

Pete and I are heading to Brisbane for a weekend soon to meet with our builder..Im very excited as we'll get to pick all our colours, tiles etc... I would have loved to catch up with some of the girls from QLD that I know but its a very quick trip and I wont have enough time. I worked out by time we visit the builder and get back to the ACT it will be approx 6 months till we move!!! Its going very quickly and Im very very happy about that.

So a few of the blogging girls are competing this weekend..I just like to say have a blast and really enjoy your day. You have done the hard work so now its time to enjoy yourself and show off your gorgeous bodies!! It will be great to see some piccies soon on your blogs :)

I cant believe how quickly this week has gone..Ive been flat out at work and thats just made it go that much quicker :) Yeahhhh its almost the weekend again!!!!

well better head off and actually do some work ;)

have a wonderful day, smile and believe cause you will achieve!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Ahhhh its Friday. I am sitting here at my work desk sipping a coffee and looking out the window at the absolutely gorgeous blue sky! Man what a day!! Its also going to be this beautiful all weekend...so the weather report says :)

So this weekend Pete and I are going out for dinner together. We havent been out in awhile as we have been putting everything towards the house. There is a gorgeous Greek cafe that we are going to http://www.outincanberra.com.au/charisma/ they serve very nice food there. We'll also get a nice bottle of wine to enjoy over dinner :)
Also on Sunday morning we are heading to Mt Ainsley to watch the Balloon Fiesta! http://www.balloonfiesta.com.au/index.cfm?action=news_details&ID=24 I think we'll get some take away coffees for when we are up there. We are also taking Bull with us so he gets to run around and get out of the yard!

Saturday morning we'll be at the 9.30am Spin class! I love this class on a Sat morning,its such a wonderful way to start the day! we'll then go to the mall and head to the lovely italian deli for some fresh lunch meats and then off to Bakers delight for fresh whole meal rolls! YUM!

This morning I was up early and went and did some interval type training at the school across the road from our place using a skipping rope and the kids equipment. Went for 45mins and kinda like this :
5min warm up jog / skipping 100 times / sprint around basketball court / 20 step ups / 100 skips on rope / sprint / running side ways / 100 skips / step ups / 6x100m sprints.
Well you get the idea. I then jogged home and did some abs! Such a great workout :)

Im so happy with my train, nutrition and the balance I have in my life. Im getting great results and feeling fit and healthy and most important happy :D I even lost a couple of hundred grams with week and am sitting just under 55kg.
Isnt it funny how at times when we are more relaxed in life that our bodies respond the most! Although I am also using the right tools but training hard and putting clean food in my mouth 90% of the time!!

Well I hope you all have a great weekend, may your lives be filled with happiness, good fortune and positive enery!
*hugs* Jane :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Good Morning all :)
I hope you are all having a totally fab day so far!

Its a gorgeous day here in the ACT today, the sun is shining, Ive been up early hit the gym for a smashing legs session and getting through all my work so far for the day!

For legs this morning I super setted all my exercises and did 4 sets of 15to 20 reps! What a great burn I got and also got the heart rate up!
db squats with step out lunges
db deadlifts with walking lunges
db sumo squats with step ups
3 different glute exercises using the swissball, back to back
standing single and double leg calves, back to back.
it was a quick, short rest break workout and smashed my legs nicely. I have also been using dumb bells lately instead of the bar and squat racks for something different. You need better core strength I think and good balance!!

So other exciting news, this is our builder that we will be using http://www.intrepidhomes.com.au/designs.html Our place is the 'Tosca' design. We have been so happy with the level of service this far and they havent even started building yet!!!

Kinda also been getting into decafe coffee lately, I guess its better then having to much full strength coffee..I think cause its getting much colder here Im going for the hot drinks to keep me warm, LOL and its not even winter yet! Eeek!

Well have a great Hump day everyone and remember to smile everyday!!!
jane :-D

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

hello and a Happy (late) Easter!!

todays pic is of me and my roomie Zel, she's such a great chickie!!!

Hey everyone!
Man Ive been lazy with blogging lately...but I have been very busy lately!

I hope you all had a Fabulous Easter :)

Andrea...Im sorry we totally missed each other over Easter! I actually thought I had given you my mobile in my last email I sent you...I was wondering all weekend if you had come to Canberra still, then I thought maybe you plans had been cancelled! We'll have to be more organised next time :) I hope you had a great weekend in the ACT and enjoyed the folk festival.

So ive been training pretty hard lately, getting in some extra spin classes and also some extra jogging, still smashing out the weights as usual :) Can you believe that my gym was closed on Good Friday!!I was so very annoyed as it was open last year! So I did my weights session on Sat morning instead and it was alll good...although it meant I missed my Sat morning spin class!

Pete and I put together our 'wish list' for the extra's we want in our house and have sent it off to the builder. We also went on a huge walk on the weekend and got some great ideas (from other peoples houses) to what colour we want our cement-render.We are going a sand stone render with a gunmetal grey roof tiles and then the window frames and panel door will be black! Its going to look sensational!! now its a waiting game for it to be built!
Well I hope everyone has a Wonderful Tuesday!! janexo