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Friday, January 25, 2008

Aussie Day

Hey all you gorgeous bloggers!
How cool is it that its the loooong weekend! Wish we had those every weekend!;-)

So everything has been going great since the move. I am working at Energex in Banyo,and I am on a 12 month contract. The work is different to what Im use to but Im learning new stuff which is making the days go faster.
The home gym is absolutely fantastic!!! all I have to do now is save for a tready (for those rainy days)! Been lifting some good weights, its funny how much you sweat here, I guess thats the humidity!I love it though, makes me feel like Ive smashed it even more!!!!haha

Had a great xmas, my parents and one of my brothers visited, it was so nice to show them the house and the new pup Roy!! Then for new years my (now old)roomie Zel came and stayed for a few days. We went to Morgans seafood restaurant and had cocktails and then some sensational seafood!!after we headed home and had champers in the outdoor spa! such a fun way to bring in 2008!

so here are some piccies of things that have been happening :)

I will get around to everyones blogs, Ive totally missed posting and seeing what others are up to! I also have missed having you all in my life...hope that doesnt sound weird,but its cool, motivating and inspiration to me to read everyones life challenges! be cooler someday to hopefully meet some of you :)

anyways I hope you all have a great weekend, enjoy bthe pics. jane xoxo

our house!still need a Roy our new german
front garden! shepherd pedigree pup! so cute!

Bull and Roy!!My boys!

my mate Shane(his 30th)
me and pete!"could" be a
little drunk here ;-D
the outdoor spa!!nice ;)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

its been forever!!

Hey hey!! Im not sure how long its been since I blogged but its been a long time!! ! All is F**KING fantastic with the move to Brissy, I love being here and being near the ocean again, and being away from Canberra. This is my third state (lived/grew up in NSW-sydney and the south coast, 5 yrs in ACT and now in QLD). I can say that I do not miss the extreme summer of ACT, the 35 to 40 dry heat degree days...sooo dont miss them!
Funny since I have been here people talk about the hot QLD summers but I really do believe unless you have lived inland in a dry hot climate then nothing else is really THAT hot..but I guess its also what your use to. Almost cant wait for winter this year, wont miss the minus mornings of canberra and going jogging in the frost!

Anyways everything is all good and my new life here is great. I will soon start a new blog and Im hanging to catch up on what everyone else has been doing.

Hugs to everyone, I hope you all had a fab new years and chrissy!!!

ill update what Ive been up to soon, training, diet and all that
jane xoxox0