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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hey everyone! Man this week is going quickly! and I like it :D
So this morning I trained legs and instead of using the bar for squats and deadlifts I used dumb bells instead. What a workout! Its such a different way to train and really got the heart rate up!
Also did lots of fast reps with about 10secs rest breaks, I was nice and sweaty at the end of my session.
On Monday I did intervals in the morning on the hill near my place and did some backwards running up the hill..once again the next day my butt was nice and sore! ohh yeahhh!!

So Im feeling really healthy at the moment, which I love that feeling. Im eating really whole foods and training with alot of intensity!

Im also in my new position at work and loving that, my new boss is lovely as well and she really understands my passion for health and has been very flexible in how I work my hours. Most people go out to lunch for their break and work something like 8.30 or 9am till 5.30pm. But Im working 8.30am (work through lunch) and get off at 4pm! that way I can get my after cardio in without rushing.
Its also great that daylight savings is over, I feel that Im in a better routine!

and today here is a pic of me in a spa down the coast..may need to get back to the coast sometime again before we move.. Its actually only 248 days till we move...not that Im counting or anything LOL!!!

well have a great Wednesday!!!
and remember "Dont worry be Happy"! doo bee doo bee do!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Another awesome session this morning :) Did shoulders and abs and then 40mins intense cardio on the treadmill, bike, back to treadmill and then eliptical.
I have been so full of energy and just loving my training and digging really dig and smashing every session.

today is a piccie of my dog Bull. Ive had him for 12 years this year! isnt he the cutest :)
Well it was a public holiday on Monday this week so that meant a 4 day week :) Now we are already at Friday...gotta love the short week!!
This weekend will be full of relaxing, a few beers (low carb ones naturally) with friends on Saturday afternoon and a spin class on Saturday morning! Cant wait
Hope everyone else also has a terrific weekend!!
*smiles* Jane

Thursday, March 22, 2007

piccie post!

Just seeing if I can post this piccie!

this is my gorgeous bf Pete and I at the races last year...man that was such a fun day out...rather drunken ;) but fun all the same!

Hey all,
dont you just love it when you wake up full of energy! Well that was me this morning :)
alarm went off at 5.45am and I bounced out of bed ready to go!! So off I went to the gym and jumped into a spin class...totally smashed it and came out soaking from sweating it out so hard. I then went in the weights room and did a light weighted but high repetition back and bicep workout. Man it was such a great workout.
This afternoon Pete and I will take Bull out for a good long stretch of the legs, nothing to full-on but its important that bull also gets his daily exercise. I tell you for a 11 1/2 year old doggy he is very healthy. Im sure its from all the walking and feeding him good foods!

Made another awesome dish last night for dinner, was lamb strips with can tomatos, fresh chopped coriander, parsley and basil, then I added some vegies and some garlic. Was sooo yummy!! making me hungry thinking about it!

For lunch today I have a spinach, chicken mexican omlette with some grilled low fat cheese on top! yummo...come on lunch time...40mins to go and counting Lol!
So hungry today I think its from doing the spin class this morning, but ill hold off till its lunch.

My lucky parents are off to Batemans Bay today for a few days away...luckier as my Dad is retired and Mum works one day a week! Now thats living :D

Well its an absolutely gorgeous day outside today..although its going to be a warm one! but the sky is such a beautiful blue, makes me want to go and lay in the park and watch the world go by!

anyways have a fabulous day xo

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

food glorious food!

I love to invent new dishes when Im cooking. I think of a theme that I would like to eat and then try and make it so its healthy! its really not that hard either.
this is what I have made lately:
mexican chicken omlette
-3 whole eggs whisked and 1 spinach leaf chopped and mixed into the egg mix
-lightly spray oil on pan and put on low heat. once pan is heated add egg and spinach mix
-as this is cooking add on top:
chopped mushrooms, cooked and chopped chicken pieces, 1 chopped green onion, mexican chilli seasoning and handful low fat grated tastie cheese.
When the bottom of the omlette looks cooked, turn off stove and put pan under the grill until the cheese is melted and egg is cooked.
Side onto a plate and enjoy :)
Ive been making my omlette the night before and then taking it to work the next day and reheating it in the microwave..tastes really good still to!

then last nigth I decided to make Indian vegies to go with our T-bone steak (cooked on the webber)
in a low heated non stick pan add:
1xteaspoon garlic
2xteaspoons whole seeded mustard
1xtablespoon fresh chopped coridander
1xtablespoon fresh chopped parsley
1xteaspoon cumin
1 or 2 teaspoon curry powder - depending on how hot you want it
then add dash tomato sauce and dash sweet chilli sauce (approx.tablespoon of each)
mix mixture together so it combines (remember this is all added while in the pan)
then add what ever vegies you want.
mix through and add alittle water if its drying out to much (1/4 cup) mix until consistency of a sauce and serve! it was sooo yummy with the t-bone!

sweet and healthy snack!
1xwhole egg beaten with 2xteaspoons of hazel nut meal or almond meal.
also add 1x tablespoon of blueberries (I use frozen)
cook in a non-stick pan like a pancake
as cooking mix 1/2 serve of protein powder (I use chocolate Optimum nutrition) with little water to make a paste the add 1x tablespoon of blueberries.
once pancake is cooked pour the protein and berry paste over the top and eat!! Sooo good as a snack and really quick to make
the other snack is the same protein and berry paste but put it over some low cal jelly and eat, also very nice!

So there you go folks some quick, healthy and easy things to make when you are hungry!!

training is great at the moment to! Ive upped my reps cause with all the heavy lifting I have been doing I have grown alot of muscle but I actually like being a bit smaller and leaner. So Im back to 4 sets of 10to12 reps for my exercises and a bit lighter with the weights. I actually went from my normal 55kgs to 57kg when I was lifting heavy! Not to bad to know I can actually grow some muscle. But now Ive dropped back to 55kg. My body seems to be happy here and its easy for me to hold this weight all year round.

Starting back into spin classes this Saturday with Pete, should be alot of fun :) its funny now he is living with me we have so much extra time cause we are not driving back and forth between houses! But we're kinda bored cause we are use to running around like that. So what better way to fill in the time but the throw in a spin class or two!

well I hope everyone is goodly and Im really looking forward to meeting 'Andj' at Easter in a few weeks time :)

have fun and keep on smiling :D
jane xo

Thursday, March 15, 2007

busy beez!!

Hi everyone! well I have been a very busy bee lately! My work has had a restructure and I have been moved to a new area, I dont mind as its new work and the team are great! I am now in the Secretariat section. Love this kinda work cause I get to use my organisational skills...and Im such an organise freak!Lol.

what else... we are moving Petes stuff this weekend into storage and then him into my place. Will be great cause we have been living between houses and that gets very tiring! We both have tomorrow off work to pack and then the move is on Saturday. Monday is also Canberra day public holiday :) So we still get a weekend!yay!

The weather has cooled down a bit here at night now and its been pretty chilli in the mornings! but its a nice time of the year here....although soon it will be winter :( that means I get to freeze my ass off!!! yuck!

8 1/2 months now till we move :-D We are going up in late November now so we are not moving right on xmas! We will talk to the builder next week and get the contracts signed then he can start building our house! Its all so very exciting and everything is running to plan.

Ive been training hard and have been doing some longer distance running also lately. Im really enjoying it to!Its nice to go out on my own and just run and run and be in my own little world!
Food is good, Ive gotten into chicken, spinach omlettes lately! Yummo! been making then for work lunches.
Actually been eating lower carbs and I find eating this way really agrees with my body. Its not that Im dieting just eating low carbs and mostly whole foods (except my protein powders etc) and Im seeing some positive results! So Im a happy little vegemite :)

what else....Im very excited to hear that Lia got the chicken and chocolate t-shirts! I cant wait to get mine, ill get a pic as Lia said and post it!

everything in my universe is very positive and happy at the moment. Im focussed and calm and when things(people) annoy me I have been just letting any negitive thoughts go! Its very ku!
I just dont seem to understand why we would want to react to things when we can just be happy and always moving forward.

Its also just under 4 months till I turn 30!! Yay! being organise girl Im already thinking of what to do!! Petes birthday is only 2 weeks after mine and he is also 30 so maybe a combined party!! I think we'll have it at Shellharbour (south of Wollongong) as its to cold in the ACT in July and the coast just has some magical power that I love to be around....and its warmer LOL!
Im really looking forward to this year as there are so many cool things happening for me, its all taken a few years of planning and saving but its all finally falling into place.

well better go! it will now be a few days before I post again.

*live*love*life* Jane xo

Monday, March 05, 2007


Hey all, its been a few days since I blogged!!As some of you might have seen the ACT (especially Civic) got hammered by a storm last week! Well my building got really badly hit and I got to have last Wed, Thurs and Fri off work because our building got totally flooded!
Back in today and man it stinks!!!! its that wet carpet smell and also all the files on my desk (and everyone elses) got wet :-/ So Im trying to clean my desk today and catch up on work.

Also the Ausbb.com forum is gone too! Some hackers got into it and it was to stuffed to fix so its gone! that means my little comp I was doing is also not going to happen. Ohh well what can you do....keep smashing it at the gym I say :)
Training has been great and Ive been going hard at it at the gym. There is just something about lifting weights that makes me feel sooo good (and sore Lol)!!

Sam you mentioned about energy for training...well I think nutrition does have alot to do with it but a big thing is also motivation and doing fitness that you enjoy!!
Although alot of people on these blogs do lift weights, there are heaps of other healthy options for getting into shape!!
Its just a matter of finding what you like doing :) I have gone from playing hockey to running and training for fun runs (great goals to work towards) then I went onto training for 2 half marathons...now I do weights... So you can see there are lots of things out there.
I think hiking would also be a great way to get fit..thats something Im going to do more when I move to QLD!! lots of coastal walks would be great I think. So hope that helps Sam!!Just keep at it and dont be hard on yourself honey! Oneday you'll find your groove and there will be no stopping you!!!!

Im STILL having trouble leaving comments, so sorry that I havent left any :( I am reading everyones blogs still...BTW Hilary I LOVE your engagement ring! Totally gorgeous.

I think maybe I should start a new blog and ill leave a link on this one...??

well thats it for today folks!!!
be happy
Jane :)