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Friday, February 01, 2008

Friday is relax time!

Bull the cool dog!
YUMMM! a T-bone steak!

WoW Friday all ready :) gotta love that! Had a pretty successful week at work..see Im contracting and the work Im doing is nothing Ive done before, but today it all came together and that made me feel pretty damn proud of myself! Im not from an IT background (which is kinda the area that I have landed) but seem to be getting this job!Yay me!!

Training has been great, espedcially weights!!!Im an addict ;) ....havent been getting as much cardio in but I have been spending lots of time walking Bull and the new pup....although it is slower than what Im use too! Having a new pup is so much fun but he cant walk to far at the moment being so young...so with work, training weights, general living stuff and two dogs is taking up a bit of time! All I can say is congrates to all who can have kids and do all this stuff...not for me I tells ya! Two doggies is enough!!!

All good though Im aware that the cardio isnt there as much so I have just been watching my diet more and its all working out nicely! I guess thats why people say that diet is more than 50% and exercise makes up the rest!

Pete is on call this weekend which means not going to far from home..thats cool I have stuff I can get done here and that also means I get to play with the dogs some more! and train them so more!!

Roy (the new pup)now knows how to sit, lay down and shake.....such a smart boy and 14 weeks old!
well better make tracks!
Have a great weekend and have lots of fun!!!!!!

jane xoxo

enjoy the pics!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Aussie Day

Hey all you gorgeous bloggers!
How cool is it that its the loooong weekend! Wish we had those every weekend!;-)

So everything has been going great since the move. I am working at Energex in Banyo,and I am on a 12 month contract. The work is different to what Im use to but Im learning new stuff which is making the days go faster.
The home gym is absolutely fantastic!!! all I have to do now is save for a tready (for those rainy days)! Been lifting some good weights, its funny how much you sweat here, I guess thats the humidity!I love it though, makes me feel like Ive smashed it even more!!!!haha

Had a great xmas, my parents and one of my brothers visited, it was so nice to show them the house and the new pup Roy!! Then for new years my (now old)roomie Zel came and stayed for a few days. We went to Morgans seafood restaurant and had cocktails and then some sensational seafood!!after we headed home and had champers in the outdoor spa! such a fun way to bring in 2008!

so here are some piccies of things that have been happening :)

I will get around to everyones blogs, Ive totally missed posting and seeing what others are up to! I also have missed having you all in my life...hope that doesnt sound weird,but its cool, motivating and inspiration to me to read everyones life challenges! be cooler someday to hopefully meet some of you :)

anyways I hope you all have a great weekend, enjoy bthe pics. jane xoxo

our house!still need a Roy our new german
front garden! shepherd pedigree pup! so cute!

Bull and Roy!!My boys!

my mate Shane(his 30th)
me and pete!"could" be a
little drunk here ;-D
the outdoor spa!!nice ;)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

its been forever!!

Hey hey!! Im not sure how long its been since I blogged but its been a long time!! ! All is F**KING fantastic with the move to Brissy, I love being here and being near the ocean again, and being away from Canberra. This is my third state (lived/grew up in NSW-sydney and the south coast, 5 yrs in ACT and now in QLD). I can say that I do not miss the extreme summer of ACT, the 35 to 40 dry heat degree days...sooo dont miss them!
Funny since I have been here people talk about the hot QLD summers but I really do believe unless you have lived inland in a dry hot climate then nothing else is really THAT hot..but I guess its also what your use to. Almost cant wait for winter this year, wont miss the minus mornings of canberra and going jogging in the frost!

Anyways everything is all good and my new life here is great. I will soon start a new blog and Im hanging to catch up on what everyone else has been doing.

Hugs to everyone, I hope you all had a fab new years and chrissy!!!

ill update what Ive been up to soon, training, diet and all that
jane xoxox0

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Wow this is my last Thursday in my job, tomorrow I only work till lunch time and then Im outta here :-D I am so excited that I am about to start a new chapter in my life!
Still is 2 weeks till we move...I cant believe that last time I was in Brisbane all I saw was an empty block of land and this time when we go there will be a house!That we own!!!!! Yipppeee!

So training is going well, did a huge leg session at the gym on Tuesday and some interval training. Eats are also pretty good considering I have been going out for alot of lunchies and farewell drinks with people I know here. Atleast I know what I need to do to burn off the extra cals so I dont put on bodyfat!
I spoke to Maxim Fitness Equipement yesterday and all our gym gear is almost really for transport for when we move, its going to be so cool having a gym at home. I think ill also save for a treadmill and spin bike next to complete the gym. The gym floor matting guy is also booked in and we are getting an awesome cable machine from a guy in Brisbane at Atlas Fitness.

Well I really have to head off as I am trying to get my current work all wrapped up!

Have a fab Thursday!!
jane xo

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rain :)

I went for a long power walk this morning in the rain. It was only raining softly and pretty warm in the air so it was really nice. All the birdies were out splashing about in the puddles and it besides the sound of rain hitting the ground (and me puffing) it was very quiet.

What a great way to start the day :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

9 more days

only 9 more days till I finish work :) Im finding myself day dreaming more and more about all the wonderful things that are about to come into my life! Its sooo exciting.

Training is going great guns! Im still doing a good hour of cardio early in the mornings, made up of power walking and jogging.
Eats are pretty good, the weekend we ate out on the Fri and Sat and picked pretty good meals :) bit to much drinking on the weekend compared to what id normally have but hey it was a 31st birthday and our farewell. Im sure Ive worked hard enough this week to burn off the cals.!!!
For Deb, we fly out on Fri 23 Nov to Brisbane. Cool ha!!!! I cant wait to catch up with you again sweetie.
It will be a pretty full on couple of days as all our furniture turns up on the Fri and then my car. The Mon will be Petes motorbike and then our gym equipement the following days :) hanging for that to get there!!!
We've done pretty well with not taking to much stuff with us and have sold alot. But that just means nice and new things to buy for our house!

Well not alot to chat about..Im just counting down the days..
Happy Hump Day All..Jane xo

Friday, October 19, 2007

Good Morning! Yippeee its Friday :) 2 1/2 weeks till holiday time!!!!!

Training has been going fantastic this week, cardio sessions are at 1 hour but it goes really fast since Im training outdoors!
Weights is also great and tomorrow Im heading to the gym for a high rep session. 2 exercises per body part, 2 sets of 20 reps. Nice and quick but of course with good form!
Food has been spot on and Im feeling healthy, its the best feeling ever.

Something I also have been giving alot of thought lately is my relationship with Pete. Its such a beautiful relationship, we dont fight..as yelling and anger will not get you anywhere, we have pretty much everything in common and we are both extremely passionate about what we want in life. With that we support each other no matter what. Wow thats pretty cool hey.. Ive always known we were a great couple but its been more recently and maybe because we are about to move to a place away from family and what we are use to but it just works!

Im going through a stage of being really at peace and loving my life. Having goals and working towards them over the past few years is about to pay off. I know that also moving to Brisbane and getting close to the ocean again will bring so much happiness.
Also finally owning our home and not renting anymore is very exciting. We are going to totally deck out our house so we really have a great home and a place we love to be!

Well its my roomies 31st birthday today! So Im meeting her soon to buy her a coffee (maybe even get her a little cake or some treat to make it special). She doesnt have family here so I guess we have become like sisters and I love making a fuss over birthdays as its the oneday of the year that is your special day!! Then this afternoon we'll do presents :) then its off to Turkish tonight for dinner and then over to an irish pub for some drinks! Will be a fantastic birthday indeedie!

Id better get going...should be doing work now, but hey its Friday so Im starting to get into weekend mode ;) hehe

Hope everyone has a terrific weekend!!
jane xoxo